ViaScan Offers Scanning Services for...

  • Wellness Total Body Scan
  • Heart Scan
  • Virtual Angiogram Scan
  • Carotid Arteries Scan
  • Lung Scan Scan
  • Virtual Colonoscopy Scan
  • Executive Physical Exam

Before the Scan...

you will need to submit all patient consent forms prior to or on the day of your exam. Upon arrival to ViaScan you will be checked in for your scheduled appointment time.

After the Scan...

a ViaScan healthcare professional will sit down with you and review your results with you to answer questions you may have.  All tests are reviewed and evaluated by a board-certified radiologist and when necessary a cardiologist.   ViaScan can provide framework of issues for you to discuss and review with your healthcare provider to ensure you maintain great health.

CD of Scans are Available to ViaScan Patients
Patients of ViaScan can request a CD with their personal scans stored on disk

Wellness Total Body Scan

This scan, also known as the full body scan, is the most thorough anatomical imaging test offered at ViaScan.  It includes:

  1. Heart scan
  2. Chest/lung scan
  3. Abdominal / pelvic scan

A board-certified radiologist will create a comprehensive report covering such areas as the:

  1. heart
  2. coronary arteries
  3. thorax
  4. lungs
  5. liver
  6. pancreas
  7. spleen
  8. gall bladder
  9. kidneys
  10. bladder
  11. reproductive organs
  12. and major abdominal vessels

The Wellness Total Body Scan is an excellent way to establish a baseline in an overall personal health and wellness program. 

Heart Scan

Research has shown the ViaScan heart scan to be the only proven method to detect early coronary disease in otherwise healthy (asymptomatic) people.  The heart scan is read and interpreted by a board-certified radiologist who will calculate your calcium score - a measurement of calcified plaque within the heart and coronary arteries.  The higher the calcium score, the greater the likelihood of a future coronary "event" such as a heart attack or the need for angioplasty, stents or bypass surgery.
According to the American Heart Association, the calcium score generated by the ViaScan is "the most powerful predictor" of future coronary events in apparently healthy people.  The Wall Street Journal listed the ViaScan EBT heart scan as one of the "Five Tests Worth Paying For."

Current risk assessment methods, like blood pressure and cholesterol tests miss as many as 75% of patients who develop heart problems...
  • Family history of heart disease
  • High cholesterol or triglycerides
  • Low HDL or elevated LDL
  • Above ideal body weight
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Tobacco use (past or present)
  • Emotional stress or work-related stress
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Other vascular disease

Virtual Angiogram

If plaque is detected in your heart by the Heart Scan or Wellness Body Scan, you can receive a Virtual Angiogram to detect artery size and degree of blockage.  The ViaScan virtual angiogram is considered to be an excellent alternative to cardiac catheterization in certain defined clinical situations.  The 20-minute procedure depicts artery size, percent blockage, number of blockages, blood flow, and does not require a hospital stay.  It is ideal for patients with specific types of chest symptoms or a failed stress test - especially when the likelihood for an angioplasty is low.  In addition, it can be used for patients who have coronary stents or bypass grafts to verify that the arteries are still open and functioning properly. 

Carotid Arteries

The Carotid Artery scan is useful to evaluate your risk of stroke by evaluating the size of plaque in the arteries of your neck.  Individuals with a family history of stroke, high blood pressure or coronary disease are appropriate candidates for Carotid Artery scan.

Lung Scan

The Lung scan is useful for early detection of lung cancer, emphysema, pneumonia, bronchitis or other lung disorders. 

Virtual Colonoscopy

This test is the much anticipated alternative to invasive colonoscopy.  It's just as accurate and sensitive as the invasive test at detecting the polyps that cause colon cancer - but does not require heavy sedation and the insertion of a five-foot scope and its associated risks.  Virtual colonoscopy is fast (20-30 minutes), accurate (can visualize 100% of the colon) and there is no recovery in a hospital.  In fact, you can resume normal activities immediately following the test.  Virtual colonoscopy is ideal for persons who have been reluctant to undergo traditional procedures. 

It can be used as a repeat exam for those who have previously had a normal colonoscopy.  Those who are frail, elderly or on anticoagulant medication can also benefit from the non-invasive test, and those without insurance coverage will find virtual colonoscopy costs much less than the tradition procedure. 

See Virtual Colonoscopy Preparation Instructions

Virtual Colonoscopy & Body Scan Special

See Virtual Colonpscopy and Body Scan description.

Executive Physical Exam

For individuals who would prefer the most complete assessment of personal health possible, ViaScan's Executive Physical Exam is available.  It includes a complete physical examination, complete laboratory blood analysis, a full body scan, preventive medicine counseling and more.  Each client meets with a ViaScan physician for a complete and unhurried discussion of exam results.

The Executive Physical is unsurpassed in quality and thoroughness, and includes the most comprehensive assortment of test for early detection of life-threatening diseases.  The personal attention and care provided is like nothing you've ever experienced during a routine physical exam.
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