COVID-19 Guidelines

ViaScan has undertaken maximum efforts to ensure everyone’s safety during our re-opening. Listed below are steps taken by ViaScan to ensure you do not acquire COVID-19.

ViaScan Staff Requirements

  1. No ViaScan staff member has been sick or around anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19
  2. No ViaScan staff member has worked in any other healthcare facilities
  3. Staff members will wear 3M Medical Professional grade respirator rated as 100. All staff will wear full face shield & latex gloves
  4. ViaScan will complete daily temperature checks and a complete medical questionnaire regarding cough, muscle aches, fever, just not feeling normal. No ViaScan staff will work if any symptoms occur & immediately be tested.
  5. Scans will be performed without touching any surfaces with exception of scanner tablets acquire images. Scanner table will have disposable paper sheet that is changed as new before each scan.
  6. Scans will be performed one person at a time without any other person in waiting room; with minimal interaction with 1-2 staff.
  7. Each room will be sprayed with Lysol after each scan has been scanned and leaves premises.

Patient Scan Requirements

  1. All patients MUST park in front of ViaScan on street and call ViaScan upon arrival (972-739-2940).
  2. All patients MUST wear a mask covering nose and mouth. ViaScan will provide face mask if you do not have one.
  3. All patients MUST complete a detailed health questionnaire verifying you have not had contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19
  4. All patients MUST verify currently healthy and not symptomatic of fever, or muscle aches, or cough or other symptoms related to COVID-19
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