Health Facts Newsletter: July 2017 – Understanding Body Scans and the Technology Used

Health Facts – Understanding Body Scans and the Technology Used

In the newsletter this month, I wanted to provide information about our body scan services. Answering questions about what it is and the technology ViaScan uses. In addition, share the cutting edge technology that utilizes CT technology to evaluate a person’s health.
What is an EBCT Scanner?
ViaScan uses Electron Beam Computed Technology (EBCT), the most advanced and rarest type of CT scanner available. The EBCT scanner is a diagnostic medical test that produces multiple images or pictures of the inside of the body. It is 10 times faster and emits 1/10 the radiation of a typical CT or CAT scan. 
Due to the speed an EBCT scanner operates, it can capture more detailed images and detect abnormalities to a greater accuracy than your typical X-Ray or spiral CT scanner. The images generated during the scan can be reformatted in multiple planes and can generate three-dimensional images. These images can be viewed on a computer monitor, printed on film or transferred to a CD or DVD.
What does a body scan include?
A body scan is a non-invasive procedure that starts just below the collar-bone and stops above the top of the pelvic bone. It helps provide insight of your major organs that include: heart, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, and intestines. The scan detects calcium build up and abnormal cell growth at a micron level (One 25th of a thousandth of an inch). The process is quick and initial results are provided in less than an hour. Further evaluation is completed by our board certified radiologist.
Who should get a body scan?
A body scan is not for everyone! It is highly recommended you speak with your physician before moving forward with the procedure and getting orders for a scan. Certain circumstances make it more advantageous for a person to get a body scan that may lead to not needing a doctor’s orders. This can include your family medical history of heart disease or cancer, diabetes, weight (BMI), ethnicity, age, high cholesterol, etc. 
What happens after your body scan? 
ViaScan provides free consultations with all scanning services. We will review your results and provide scientifically-backed advice to help you make the best decisions to alter and improve your lifestyle. As with any medical procedure, it is advised that you follow-up with your recommending physician about your results. They may suggest medication and more rigorous health plan to reverse any critical health concerns discovered. 
Future advancements?
Technology advancements have taken leaps and bounds to further utilize CT imagery to predict the outcome of a person’s health. According to an article on the Business Insider, scientists are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to determine within 70% accuracy a person’s lifespan. Learn more by reading this article (Business Insider – AI could use body scans to predict mortality).
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