We at ViaScan appreciate the loyalty of our patients. To show that appreciation, we introduced a referral rewards program. The program allows our patients to accumulate reward points which they can use to discount any future scan. Points are earned each time a referred person schedules a scan with ViaScan.

Here’s how the rewards program works when you are ready to use your points.

  • Earn 20% with 1 – 2 referred people
  • Earn 30% with 3 referred people
  • Earn 40% with 4 referred people
  • Earn 50% with 5 or more referred people

A 50% discount is the maximum that an individual can acquire. Until you use them, YOUR REWARDS DON’T EXPIRE.

To qualify, your family and/or friend must

  1. Schedule a scan
  2. Mention your name
  3. That’s It!

Please contact our office at (972) 739-2840 if you have any questions or would like to know your discount before scheduling your next scan.