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The wellness body scan, along with the comprehensive lung scan, offers a sound, non-invasive, and painless examination providing you and your healthcare provider with an extensive understanding of your overall health. Utilizing modern CT scanners, these scans can capture detailed images of all your essential organs, systems, and lung function within 20 to 30 minutes. This allows healthcare professionals to thoroughly evaluate for any anomalies or potential signs of illness, ensuring a proactive approach to your well-being.

Following the evaluation of the pictures, our radiologists send you and your physician a comprehensive wellness scan report emphasizing any areas of concern. Wellness scanning may help detect irregularities or early-stage carcinomas and disorders, which can lead to more effective therapies. With ViaScan’s accomplished body wellness scan in Frisco, Texas, you can evaluate your health before something serious arises. Be proactive and invest in avoidance now!

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Services We Provide Near Frisco, TX

Our Frisco, TX location offers comprehensive preventative scans.

Wellness Body Scan

A few of the wellness body scan’s principal benefits are:

  • Provides a baseline reading of your health to compare future scans against
  • Can detect severe conditions like cancer, heart disease, and stroke before you have symptoms
  • It gives you peace of mind about your health or early warning to take preventive action
  • All radiation exposure is well below safety limits

Your convenience and security are our priority at ViaScan. Our high-tech CT scanners are set to emit the least amount of radiation necessary. To take pictures, you just lay on a surrounding surface that gently travels through the scanner ring. Since the machine is silent, many patients decompress or sleep while examined!

Heart Scan

Heart disease continues to be America’s top cause of death for both men and women, according to the CDC. However, many heart illnesses may be treated or eliminated if identified early enough.

The non-invasive, painless heart scan from ViaScan is an advantageous way to learn about cardiovascular health and take preventive action. Using precise 3D pictures of the whole cardiovascular system, our cutting-edge CT scanner permits our specialists to conduct assessments:

  • Plaque buildup in arteries
  • Blockages restricting blood flow
  • Hardened or calcified arteries
  • Heart muscle function
  • Other early signs of heart disease

No needles or medications are needed during the scan, which takes just under five minutes to complete. You must remain still on the soft scanning surface while the apparatus revolves around your chest regions. There is very little radiation exposure, far below acceptable limits.

Following the investigation of your heart scan pictures, our cardiac experts will provide an in-depth summary outlining any problems and proposing actions to get your heart health back on track. This enables you to manage potential issues and make educated changes to your habits with your doctor before they become a heart attack, stroke, or other significant incident.

A heart scan with ViaScan in Frisco, Texas, is a proactive means to safeguard your heart. Make a reservation now!

Lung Scan

More people die from lung cancer each year than from breast, prostate, colon, and pancreatic cancers paired together, making it the deadliest disease for both men and women. Early detection of lung cancer, when it is at its most curable, is the key to recovery. With the lung scan from ViaScan, you can see into your lungs and identify challenges long before problems appear.

Our sensitive CT scanners provide finely realistic three-dimensional pictures of your lungs and surrounding tissue, which our radiologists might employ to look for:

  • Tiny lung nodules or masses
  • Scarring or inflammation in lung tissue
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Other indicators of early-stage lung cancer

The actual scan is non-invasive, swift, and painless. All you must do is lay still on a comfortable table while the scanner circles your chest. There is minimal risk of radiation during the quick scan.

Our experts will highlight any areas requiring additional examination or follow-up after examining the findings of your lung scan. Lung cancer’s chances of survival are much greater if detected early. To assist you in taking action before symptoms worsen, the lung scan additionally monitors for indications of other respiratory illnesses.

Make an appointment for a lung scan at ViaScan Frisco before you run out of air to regain the comfort of your mind!

Angiogram Scan

Maintaining functioning blood vessels is crucial for distributing nutrients and oxygen throughout your body. The non-invasive angiography scan from ViaScan measures blood flow via your veins and arteries and may identify blockages or narrowing before they can cause harm.

Our state-of-the-art CT scanners supply 3D imaging of the whole circulatory system, investigating for:

  • Fatty plaque buildup in artery walls
  • Blood clots obstructing vessels
  • Bulges or weak spots in blood vessel walls
  • Narrowed or restricted blood flow

The actual scan is short and unnoticed, and it uses a bit of injection of contrast dye to make your blood vessels easier to see. While the scanner rotates about the scanned area, you will remain still on a cushioned surface.

To immediately initiate therapy, if essential, our professionals will review the angiogram findings and indicate any irregularities or zones of concern. ViaScan’s angiography may reveal incredibly life-saving data concerning your cardiovascular health, regardless of whether you experience discomfort or want peace of mind.

Colonoscopy Scan

Over 50,000 lives succumb to colorectal cancer each year, yet the disease is primarily avoidable with appropriate screening. The simplest way to see your whole colon and find abnormalities or precancerous polyps before they grow cancerous is to have a colonoscopy scan.

Our revolutionary 3D CT scanners at ViaScan Frisco provide comprehensive fly-through pictures of your colon, eliminating the need for anesthesia or intrusive scoping techniques. Among the principal attractions are:

  • Detects polyps, lesions, blockages, inflammation, and other issues
  • No fasting is required before the procedure
  • No sedation medications needed
  • A quick 10-minute scan is more comfortable than a traditional colonoscopy
  • Low radiation dose and no side effects

Our radiologists will carefully review the colonoscopy findings and note any spots that need further assessment or removal. Colorectal polyps may be readily treated before they become cancerous, avoiding cancer entirely if detected early.

Make an appointment for your colonoscopy scan at ViaScan Frisco for the best prospective colon health and cancer prevention!

Bone Density Scan

Did you know that 1 in 4 men and 1 in 2 women over 50 will have a fracture linked to osteoporosis at some point in their lives? The bone density scan from ViaScan finds weak bones before they shatter, allowing for quick treatment.

Our advanced CT scanners provide detailed 3D imaging of your bone structure, assessing:

  • Bone mineral density in hips and spine
  • Early signs of osteopenia or osteoporosis
  • Fracture risks
  • Response to osteoporosis treatments
  • Orthopedic surgery planning

The quick scan itself causes no side effects and is non-invasive. All you have to do is lay on a comfortable table while the scanner revolves around your hips and lower back. There is very little radiation exposure.

Your T-score and any areas that require attention will be included in an in-depth evaluation that our bone health professionals will assess after evaluating your bone density data. With this knowledge, you and your healthcare provider may make changes to your life, take supplements, take medication, or, in extreme cases, have surgery to strengthen the health of your bones.

Get a scan from ViaScan Frisco now to take control of your bone health instead of waiting for a fracture!

In the opinion of ViaScan in Frisco, Texas, preventive medicine healthcare is essential to leading a long, healthy, and happy life. Various finished body wellness scans are available at our state-of-the-art facility, which may identify health problems early when they are most curable. Use ViaScan’s services to take charge of your health before encountering any signs or symptoms.

Scanning Services at VIASCAN

wellness body

Wellness Body Scan

Discover any possible health problems before they become serious ones with a wellness body scan. From detecting the disease’s early symptoms by the body’s thorough examination to taking control of your health, this scan is a great investment.


heart scan

Heart Scan

Your cardiac health cannot be compromised. A painless, non-invasive treatment called a heart scan can give insight into your cardiac health. Instead of waiting for symptoms, go for a heart scan and embrace a future with a healthy heart.


Lung scan

Lung Scan

Discover any possible health problems before they become serious ones with a wellness body scan. From detecting the disease’s early symptoms by the body’s thorough examination to taking control of your health, this scan is a great investment.


angiogram scan

Angiogram Scan

Without the need for intrusive procedures, ViaScan offers scans that excel at the early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. For a healthy future, choose Virtual Angiogram scans, the road of accuracy and comfort.



Colonoscopy Scan

Take charge of your health and look into your health’s future with colonoscopy scans. It enables the detection of precancerous polyps before they turn malignant. Don’t wait for symptoms; choose a colonoscopy now and embrace a healthier future.


bone density

Bone Density Scan

Our remarkable bone density scan provides essential insights into bone strength, recognizing the potential dangers of fractures and osteoporosis. Throughout the procedure, we prioritize your comfort by providing a non-invasive and quick assessment.


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