Colonoscopy Scan Preparation

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Get accurate and optimized results from colon scans by following our colonoscopy scan preparation instructions.


Colonoscopy Scan Preparation

A virtual colonoscopy guarantees that your colon stays in top shape because colon health is essential to general well-being. Contrary to conventional colonoscopies, this non-invasive treatment provides a less intimidating experience while providing crucial information about the condition of your digestive system. A virtual colonoscopy is an amazing tool for maintaining colon health without the anxiety caused by physical colonoscopies. For accurate results, it is crucial to understand the importance of colonoscopy scan preparation.

What is a Virtual Colonoscopy Scan?

Ensure your colon’s well-being with a remarkable technique known as a virtual colonoscopy scan. The bottom portion of the large intestine can be scanned and examined without using any physical colonoscope. With virtual colonoscopy, any lesions or polyps that could result in colon cancer can be found early on.
By utilizing advanced computerized tomography scans, images of the lower part of the large intestine can be generated. These images allow radiologists to have a clear look into the inner linings of the intestine and detect any colon polyps. You can actively maintain the health of your colon and prevent colorectal cancer by choosing this non-invasive procedure.

Colonoscopy Scan Preparation:

Before going for the virtual colonoscopy scan, it is crucial to undergo colonoscopy scan preparation to get accurate results.
Consult Your Gastroenterologist
1. Discuss your health condition with your gastroenterologist first.
2. Let him know your medical history, allergies, or any supplements you are taking.
3. Stop taking supplements unless your doctor allows it
4. If you are diabetic, keep monitoring your blood sugar level. Make sure it’s not too high or too low before the VC scan.

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Eating Requirements – Day Before the Scan

  1. A clean and empty bowel is required while scanning for better results.
  2. You need to prepare for it a day before the scan.
  3. You can purchase a prep kit that includes laxatives to clean out your bowel.
  4. You can drink the liquid as much as you want unless your doctor has restricted you from doing so.
  5. Avoid eating solid food that metabolizes slowly.
  6. You can get a complete schedule of colonoscopy scan preparation here.

On the Day of Scan

1. Stop eating and drinking on your colonoscopy scan day.
2. In case you have not experienced the bowel movement, just reach out to the Via Scan office to know if the scan can still be performed.
3. Keep checking your blood sugar level if you are diabetic on the scan day.

During the Scan

  1. You will be advised to remove any metallic objects from your clothes before starting the scan.
  2. Without sedating or injecting you, a scan will be performed.
  3. Your rectum is allowed to fill with air to clearly detect any colon polyps via the scanner.


After the Scan

After the completion of the scan, you will get the results of your virtual colonoscopy scan. You can now discuss the results with your gastroenterologist or healthcare professional. If any polyp or lesion is detected, you can discuss your condition with your primary physician to start the treatment early.

Take charge of your colon health and make sure it stays in top shape. Keep in mind that your health is your most precious possession, and investing in routine exams like a virtual colonoscopy can help save lives. ViaScan of Las Colinas is your trusted partner in this journey. Schedule an appointment today to get more detailed information about colonoscopy scan preparation.


  • What is a virtual colonoscopy scan?
  • What is a colonoscopy scan prep kit?
  • What types of clothes should I wear for the colonoscopy scan?
  • Can I eat or drink before the colonoscopy scan?
  • Can a pregnant woman go for a colonoscopy scan?
  • What to do for colonoscopy scan preparation?
What is a virtual colonoscopy scan?

A virtual colonoscopy detects any lesions or polyps in the lower part of the large intestine. By using advanced computerized tomography scanners, images of the inner linings of the intestine can be generated. Our certified radiologists analyze the images and detect any anomalies early.

What is a colonoscopy scan prep kit?

For a colonoscopy scan, a clear and clean bowel is crucial for better results. A prep kit contains some laxative pills that would help in clearing out your bowel.

What types of clothes should I wear for the colonoscopy scan?

Always wear loose clothes while going for a colonoscopy scan and put on a hospital gown. Avoid wearing any metallic accessories.

Can I eat or drink before the colonoscopy scan?

Follow the colonoscopy scan preparation instructions. You can keep yourself hydrated if required. Try not to eat after midnight on the day of your scan. Do not eat solids that may metabolize slowly as your bowel needs to be clear before the scan.

Can a pregnant woman go for a colonoscopy scan?

You must consult your doctor first in case you are pregnant. Even though we are using low doses of radiation that may harm the developing fetus.

What to do for colonoscopy scan preparation?

Consult your physician, and prepare your body for a colonoscopy scan. Eat and drink as per instructions. Try not to eat solid food and stop eating at least 6-8 hours before the scan.




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