Scan Preparations for all Scans

(These prep tips don’t cover the virtual colonoscopy prep)

Heart and Lung scans require no special preparation, you may eat or drink as General Scan Preparationusual. For Wellness Body Scans, please fast for 6-8 hours before your scan (nothing to eat but may drink any fluid). Once you eat something, your gall bladder shrinks and makes it difficult for the scan to detect gallstones. For the body scan or heart scan, there are no injections or contract dyes involved, no exercise requirements and no need to undress.

Wear normal clothing. You will be asked to remove metallic objects in your clothing before the test.

After affixing 3 to 5 electrodes on your chest, you will be asked to lieGeneral Scan Preparation on a table with the open bagel shaped scanner surrounding your chest. With a single breath hold of 20-35 seconds, approximately 30-40 images of your coronary arteries are captured by the EBT scanner.

The scanner is open so there is no feeling of Claustrophobia.

The results of your scan are reviewed immediately with you by a healthcare professional. A board certified radiologist and/or cardiologist will evaluate all scans. A written report of your test results will be mailed to you within a week of your visit. At yGeneral Scan Preparationour request, a separate written report with your results will be forwarded to your referring and/or primary care physician. We recommend you discuss the results of your tests with your personal physician as well.

You will receive a personalized wellness program, designed by John Duncan, Ph.D, that takes into account of the results of your individual scan and current health conditions to achieve your health goals.