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(These prep tips don’t cover the virtual colonoscopy prep)

General Scan Preparations

A fascinating technology, virtual scanning, with its non-invasive nature, has done wonders in medical diagnostic technology. Virtual scans offer thorough body insights without intrusive treatments and revolutionize medical diagnostics. A thorough preparation is essential for reliable findings, regardless of whether you’re getting ready for a virtual colonoscopy, CT angiogram, or another sort of virtual scan.
This brief article will guide you through general scan preparations and what you need to know to guarantee a positive virtual scan experience.

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Body Scans

Understanding Virtual Scans

Let’s quickly discuss virtual scans and their importance before getting started with general scan preparation. Virtual scans employ advanced computerized algorithms and techniques such as computed tomography (CT) . Multiple cross-sectional images are generated by using an advance CT Scanner. Clear, precise, and 3D cross-sectional images allow you to detect any anomaly or help in identifying any medical condition.

Types of Virtual Scans available

ViaScan offers various kinds of virtual scans as per your medical requirements.
1. Virtual Colonoscopy
2. Virtual Angiogram Scan
3. Heart Scan
4. Lung Scan
5. Wellness Scan

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ct scan

General Scan Preparations:

Here are some instructions you can follow while preparing for any virtual scan.

Consult Health Care Provider

  1. Consult your medical healthcare provider to discuss your medical condition.
  2. Let him know if you have any allergies or are taking supplements. You might need to stop taking it before the scan.
  3. Let the professionals know if you are allergic to a specific contrast agent that is usually utilized to improve the contrast of images.

Clothing and Eating Requirements

  1. Wear loose clothing, and try not to wear any metal accessories.
  2. You can eat or drink for any type of virtual scan except for colonoscopy and wellness body scans.
  3. Stay hydrated or take the advice of your healthcare professionals regarding drinking water before the scan. 
  4. Your bowel needs to be empty in case you are going for a virtual colonoscopy scan. For any other scan, this is not a requirement.

Before the Scan

  1. Let the professionals know, in case you are pregnant. Even though we are using a low dose of radiation, it may still harm the fetus.
  2. You may have to sign a consent form stating that you clearly understand the risks and benefits of the scan.

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During the Scan:

  1. Depending on the type of virtual scan, a contrasting dye is injected into your arm to clearly detect the blood flow. 
  2. You will be advised to lie down on the table that is attached to a scanner. Multiple images of the targeted area are captured by an electron beam tomography scanner.

After the Scan:

  1. Images are then visualized and analyzed by our certified radiologists and healthcare professionals.
  2. You can discuss your report with your physician to make informed decisions.

Via Scan is a partner in your quest for long-term health and vitality, not merely a healthcare service. Join us right away to take charge of your health!


  • What should I do for general scan preparation?
  • Can I eat before a body scan?
  • How do I prepare for a full body scan?
  • Can I drink water before a body scan?
  • What kinds of clothes should I wear during the scan?
  • What precautions do I need to follow during general scan preparation?
What should I do for general scan preparation?

It is crucial to prepare your body for any kind of scan. This involves consulting your physician, discussing your health condition, any supplements you are taking, and any allergies you are having.

Can I eat before a body scan?

Depending on the type of scan you are choosing, eating requirements may vary. You can eat or drink as per routine in case of a heart or lung scan. In the case of a colonoscopy scan, you need to clear out your bowel before scanning.

How do I prepare for a full body scan?

You just need to follow general scan preparation instructions. Do not eat solid food and take laxatives to clean your bowel while going for a colonoscopy scan. Keep monitoring your diabetic health before the scan.

Can I drink water before a body scan?

Yes, you can drink liquids before the scan unless your physician has restricted you from doing so.

What kinds of clothes should I wear during the scan?

Try to wear loose clothes when you go for a scan or put on a hospital gown. Remove all metallic accessories or any metallic objects inside your clothes.

What precautions do I need to follow during general scan preparation?

Make sure you reach the health facility on time. Consult your doctor, and stop eating or drinking if required. Perform the scan, get the results, discuss them with your physician and you are good to go.




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