What is an EBT Scan?

For the first time in EBT cardiovascular preventive history, plaque can be seen as small as 1 millimeter in size years or decades before substantial build up develops that results in heart attack or surgery. This enables you and your health care provider to take a proactive approach to your cardiovascular health.

According to the American Heart Association, the calcium score generated by the ViaScan is “the most powerful predictor” of future coronary events in apparently healthy people. The Wall Street Journal listed the ViaScan EBT heart scan as one of the “Five Tests Worth Paying For.”

See the Plaque

Prevention is predicated on the belief that treating potentially life-threatening conditions at the earliest possible point allows you to maintain good health rather than trying to regain it once it’s lost. At ViaScan heart plaque is seen as small as 1 mm in size, providing years or decades advanced warning of a buildup of plaque that may result in a heart attack or require surgery.”

Risk Assessment Methods Chart

Over the last couple of decades, other methods have been developed as ways to better detect atherosclerotic disease before it becomes symptomatic. These have included both (a) anatomic detection methods and (b) physiologic measurement methods.

Examples of anatomic methods includes: (1) coronary calcium scoring by computed tomography, (2) carotid IMT (intimal medial thickness) measurement by ultrasound, e.g. IntiMaTe, and (3) IVUS. [source www.wikipedia.com]

Test’s Ability to detect Arterial Plaque

Plaque Detection Chart

See the Plaque, Treat the Plaque, Live a Better Life.

At ViaScan, we provide you and your healthcare provider with an individualized wellness plan that has the potential to reduce, stop, slow, and stabilized your heart plaque. Medical science has reported that heart plaque can and often does grow at rates of 40% or higher each year.