Virtual Angiogram Scan

If plaque is detected in your heart by the Heart Scan or WellnesVirtual Angiogram Scans Body Scan, you can receive a Virtual Angiogram to detect artery size and degree of blockage. The ViaScan virtual angiogram is considered to be an excellent alternative to cardiac catheterization in certain defined clinical situations.

The 20-minute procedure depicts artery size, percent blockage, the number of blockages, blood flow, and does not require a hospital stay. It is ideal for patients with specific types of chest symptoms or a failed stress test – especially when the likelihood for an angioplasty is low. In addition, it can be used for patients who have coronary stents or bypass grafts to verify that the arteries are still open and functioning properly.

CD of Scans are Available to ViaScan Patients
Patients of ViaScan can request a CD with their personal scans stored on disk