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CT Angiography; Imaging Blood Vessels

CT Angiography is a medical diagnostic technology that scans and images blood vessels by employing advanced Computerized algorithms.
Recent advancements in medical diagnostics have paved the way for diagnosing the human body with just a single scan. From scanning the human body’s blood vessels to diagnosing the issue, CT Angiography gives a clear insight into blood flow patterns. Unlike traditional angiography, a ct scan angiogram is a non-invasive and safe procedure. ViaScan offers trustworthy and reliable CT Angiography in Irving, TX.

Understanding CT Angiography

CT Angiography, often referred to as CTA, scans and assesses the blood vessels of the human body. By employing computerized, advanced algorithms, detailed cross-sectional images can be generated. These images will assist the professionals in diagnosing and addressing the issue before it is too late.
During ct angiogram, blood vessels are injected with some contrasting dyes. This will not only enhance the visibility of blood vessels but also assist in clear imaging.

When is a virtual angiogram needed?

A virtual angiogram provides insightful information about blood flow and any abnormalities.
A heart ct scan is performed,
1. To scan an artery in which plaque is detected.
2. To visualize the size of the blockage.
3. To detect the aortic aneurysms.
4. To diagnose congenital heart defects.
5. To assess pulmonary embolisms.
6. To detect any vascular injury.
7. To verify that stented arteries are open and functioning properly.

How is a ct coronary angiogram performed?

By employing computerized algorithms and advanced X-ray technology, a detailed ct angiogram is performed. It is a 20-minute procedure that allows radiologists to have a complete scan of the heart.
From preparation to scanning, a CT angiogram is performed by following these steps.
1. Before starting the procedure, patients are instructed not to eat for at least a few hours before the scan.
2. A contrasting dye is then injected that will flow throughout the blood vessels, making them more visible for the scan.
3. The patient is then allowed to lie on the table, and the table is inserted into a donut-shaped CT scanner.

How much does an angiogram cost?

From diagnosing the blood vessels to generating high-resolution 2D and 3D images, ViaScan offers the services of virtual angiogram scans at an affordable cost.
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  • What is a CT angiogram?
  • What is the difference between a CT scan and a CT angiogram?
  • What is a CT angiogram of the heart?
  • What is a CT coronary angiogram?
  • What is an angiogram CT scan?
  • How much does an angiogram cost?
  • How accurate is a CTA of the heart?
  • How long does a CT angiogram take?
What is a CT angiogram?

A CT angiogram is a diagnostic technique to visualize and examine the blood vessels. Computerized tomography is employed to detect artery injuries, blood flow patterns, and artery aneurysms. High-resolution images assist radiologists in quickly diagnosing the issue.

What is the difference between a CT scan and a CT angiogram?

A CT scan is usually performed to analyze the internal structures, bones, and organs by utilizing computerized tomography. On the other hand, a CT angiogram specifically scans the blood vessels throughout the body. A contrasting dye is injected into the blood vessels to highlight the blood flow in the vessels.

What is a CT angiogram of the heart?

A CT angiogram of the heart is typically used to assess and evaluate the blood flow in the coronary arteries. To detect and diagnose any vascular abnormality and to evaluate the proper functioning of stented arteries, a CT angiogram is performed.

What is a CT coronary angiogram?

A CT coronary angiogram is performed to visualize the coronary arteries. It is a non-invasive procedure to evaluate the oxygenated blood flow towards the heart. To evaluate coronary heart disease, a CT coronary angiogram provides accurate results.

What is an angiogram CT scan?

An angiogram CT scan employs computerized tomography imaging protocols to assess the blood vessels. A contrasting dye, such as iodine, is usually injected to make the blood vessels more visible. This will allow radiologists to diagnose any vascular conditions, such as injured arteries or embolisms.

How much does an angiogram cost?

Depending on the type of angiogram and the severity of the disease, the cost of an angiogram varies.

How accurate is a CTA of the heart?

A CTA is performed to evaluate and assess the heart conditions. ViaScan offers CTA that accurately identifies the narrowing of blood vessels, their intensity, and the number of blockages. To accurately diagnose the severity of the disease, a CTA is a fascinating tool.

How long does a CT angiogram take?

Depending on the complexity and severity of the issue and the type of angiogram, a CT angiogram may take 20-30 minutes.




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