Heart Scan / Electron Beam Tomography (EBT)

Research has shown the ViaScan heart scan to be the only proven method to detect early coronary disease in otherwise healthy (asymptomatic) people. The heart scan is read and interpreted by a board-certified radiologist who will calculate your calcium score – a measurement of calcified plaque within the heart and coronary arteries. The higher the calcium score, the greater the likelihood of a future coronary “event” such as a heart attack or the need for angioplasty, stents or bypass surgery.

Prevention is predicated on the belief that treating potentially life-threatening conditions at the earliest possible point allows you to maintain good health rather than trying to regain it once it’s lost. At ViaScan heart plaque is seen as small as 1 mm in size, providing years or decades advanced warning of a buildup of plaque that may result in a heart attack or require surgery

CD of Scans are Available to ViaScan Patients
Patients of ViaScan can request a CD with their personal scans stored on disk

For the first time in EBT cardiovascular preventive history, plaque can be seen as small as 1 millimeter in size years or decades before substantial build up develops that results in heart attack or surgery. This enable you and your health care provider to take a proactive approach to your cardiovascular health.

If plaque is detected, then an iodine contrast is injected and a virtual angiogram enables you to see the degree of plaque blockage with accurate imaging. With ViaScan you see the plaque in the arteries before your options are limited to stents, bypass surgery, heart attack, or sudden death.

Test’s Ability to detect Arterial Plaque

Plaque Chart

See the Plaque, Treat the Plaque, Live a Better Life.

ViaScan provides you and your physician with preventive health information like never before. ViaScan can detect plaque in your heart and other arteries as small as 0.7 millimeters in size – small enough to allow you and your healthcare provider time to make important lifestyle and other changes necessary to maintain good health.