This scan is the most thorough anatomical imaging test offered at ViaScan. It includes: heart scan, chest, lung and abdominal scan. After your evaluation is performed at ViaScan, a board-certified radiologist or cardiologist will review your scan and dictate a report of your findings as well as make recommendations for you and your physician.

A board-certified radiologist will create a comprehensive report covering such areas as the:

  1. heart
  2. coronary arteries
  3. thorax
  4. lungs
  5. liver
  6. pancreas
  7. spleen
  8. gall bladder
  9. and major abdominal vessels

The Wellness Body Scan is an excellent way to establish a baseline in an overall personal health and wellness program.

CD of Scans are Available to ViaScan Patients
Patients of ViaScan can request a CD with their personal scans stored on disk