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With immense happiness, ViaScan is bringing our kind, lifesaving services to the Garland, Texas, region. Since 2001, we have led the way in health prevention, and our objective is to empower the Garland neighborhood to take charge of their health via early identification.

The whole assortment of state-of-the-art medical imaging services offered by ViaScan is accessible at our Garland location. These include virtual colonoscopies, virtual angiography, virtual lung scans, virtual wellbeing body exams, and virtual bone density screenings. Before indications ever appear, we examine various health challenges, enabling early intervention when treatment is most successful.

We are now assisting Garland citizens in leading longer, healthier lives using our advanced imaging technology and our commitment to preventative healthcare.

Bone Scans Show Cancer

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There are savings for bundled service plans. When you pay for your scan in advance, we’ll provide you with a thorough medical report you may give your doctor.

Wellness Body Scans: A Head-to-Toe Perspective

ViaScan Garland conducts thorough wellness body scans to identify internal conditions before they manifest as symptoms. This scan presents a non-invasive, three-dimensional summary of all major organ systems in around five minutes.

Our wellness body scan can uncover:

  • Blocked arteries restricting blood flow
  • Blood clots forming in veins
  • Heart and lung abnormalities
  • Liver, kidney, and bladder dysfunction
  • Ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, prostate enlargement
  • Hernias, aneurysms, enlarged lymph nodes or organs
  • Calcification indicating plaque buildup
  • Diffuse inflammation signalling autoimmune disease
  • Tumor growths and early signs of cancer

Using a wellness body scan to detect these health risks early on, Garland residents are better equipped to improve outcomes via proactive measures. Tracking wellness indicators over time is also facilitated by monitoring scans every 1-2 years. With the wellness body scans offered by ViaScan Garland, take charge of how you feel right now!

Garland Heart Scans: Your Cardiac Gatekeeper

Over many years, cardiovascular disease has quietly advanced. The heart scan offered by ViaScan in Garland, Texas, delivers a non-invasive sense into the condition of this essential organ before concerns get out of hand.

Our heart scan shows:

  • Fatty plaque accumulation in coronary arteries
  • Artery inflammation and damage
  • Restricted blood flow through vessels
  • Heart wall abnormalities
  • Prior heart attack damage
  • Congestive heart failure signs
  • Cardiomyopathy changes

Early detection and treatment of cardiac problems with a ViaScan Garland heart scan protects and saves lives. Tracking heart health over time additionally motivates lifestyle modifications for improved results. Invest your most authoritarian muscle and book a ViaScan heart scan in Garland right now!

Clear Insights: Lung Scans for Garland Citizens

ViaScan Garland is a leader in preventive medicine, offering low-dose CT lung scans that diagnose lung cancer early on. The 5-year survival rate rises from 16% to 92% when malignancies are detected at stage 1. However, most lung cancer cases are discovered too late, well after symptoms become noticeable.

Our lung scans reveal:

  • Small, early-stage cancerous tumors
  • Scar tissue indicating prior undetected infection
  • Emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Pulmonary fibrosis progress
  • Pneumonia risk factors

In addition, lung scans provide baselines for tracking respiratory health over time. Evaluate your lung health as soon as possible—don’t wait for incapacitating signs like persistent coughing or shortness of breath! You can breathe comfortably with ViaScan Garland’s comprehensive lung examinations that identify problems early.

See Clearly with Garland Angiogram Scans

A robust circulatory system is crucial to your overall wellbeing. ViaScan maps blood arteries using angiography imaging to find problems before they result in clots, aneurysms, or infarcts.

Our safe, non-invasive angiogram scans reveal:

  • Plaque narrowing critical arteries
  • Bulges in blood vessel walls
  • Stents placed correctly with precise openings
  • Grafts healing properly to bypass blockages
  • Treatments improving circulation

Angiogram scans are also helpful for determining specific cardiovascular disease dangers based on family history. With this crucial imaging, tracking blood vessel integrity over time is also simple and enjoyable. Reserve what you think about the angiography scans ViaScan Garland offers for additional insights into cardiovascular health!

Garland Colonoscopy Scans: Digestive Health

Multiple gastrointestinal and chronic illness consequences are improved by colon care. ViaScan Garland offers exhaustive, painless virtual colonoscopy scans that are non-invasive to identify emerging problems.

Our innovative colonoscopy scans can detect:

  • Precancerous polyps before turning malignant
  • Early indicators of colorectal cancer
  • Sources of lower GI bleeding
  • Diverticula at risk for infection
  • Inflammatory bowel disease activity
  • Changes over time from ulcerative colitis
  • Nerve damage causing constipation

Early diagnosis of colon issues significantly improves treatment results compared to late discovery when indications such as bleeding or blockage emerge. The risk of diabetes, heart disease, nutrition, and immunity are all significantly impacted by colon health. Take advantage of ViaScan Garland’s secure, comfortable colonoscopy scans and experience robust digestive health and wellness!

Bone Density Scans: Body Infrastructure

Maintaining optimal bone health provides strong posture, mobility, and resistance to fracture fractures. Comprehensive bone density scans are available from ViaScan Garland to identify skeletal modifications before they affect bulk, stability, or height.

Our bone density scans detect:

  • Osteopenia indicating low bone mass
  • Osteoporosis from inadequate mineralization
  • Fracture risks from porous bones
  • Calcium deficiencies over time
  • Unbalanced bone metabolism
  • Conditions affecting hormone balance

It is simpler for Garland inhabitants to monitor bone loss and therapy efficiency later in life if baseline bone density has been determined in early adulthood. Examining skeletal infrastructure should not be delayed until after abrupt fractures, severe height alterations, or painful spine curvature! Make an appointment for bone density scans at ViaScan Garland for more robust body fundamentals.

Compassionate, Convenient Preventative Care

We at ViaScan Garland make early detection pleasant, worry-free, and attainable. Our welcoming team efficiently assists Garland residents through chosen scans, and we are conscious of the challenges associated with putting health first. We assist in providing a comprehensive explanation of the findings and provide individual recommendations for addressing any trouble areas.

At our easily accessible Garland location, our preventive care services are flexible to fit into your busy lifestyle. Major insurers pay all costs since preventing disease reduces subsequent expenditures. Since your health is so valuable, we also provide options for financing.

Send any questions that you may have to ViaScan Garland right now! Learn about compassionate medical imaging devoted to maximizing well being by identifying curable health concerns early on. Give us a call to have conversations about your preventive care program!

Scanning Services at VIASCAN

wellness body

Wellness Body Scan

Discover any possible health problems before they become serious ones with a wellness body scan. From detecting the disease’s early symptoms by the body’s thorough examination to taking control of your health, this scan is a great investment.


heart scan

Heart Scan

Your cardiac health cannot be compromised. A painless, non-invasive treatment called a heart scan can give insight into your cardiac health. Instead of waiting for symptoms, go for a heart scan and embrace a future with a healthy heart.


Lung scan

Lung Scan

Discover any possible health problems before they become serious ones with a wellness body scan. From detecting the disease’s early symptoms by the body’s thorough examination to taking control of your health, this scan is a great investment.


angiogram scan

Angiogram Scan

Without the need for intrusive procedures, ViaScan offers scans that excel at the early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. For a healthy future, choose Virtual Angiogram scans, the road of accuracy and comfort.



Colonoscopy Scan

Take charge of your health and look into your health’s future with colonoscopy scans. It enables the detection of precancerous polyps before they turn malignant. Don’t wait for symptoms; choose a colonoscopy now and embrace a healthier future.


bone density

Bone Density Scan

Our remarkable bone density scan provides essential insights into bone strength, recognizing the potential dangers of fractures and osteoporosis. Throughout the procedure, we prioritize your comfort by providing a non-invasive and quick assessment.


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