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Mesquite, Texas, is a prosperous municipality recognized for its vibrant sense of community, reasonable cost of living, and development of commercial enterprises. We are honored to extend our preventative scanning services utilizing cutting-edge medical technology to the Mesquite community as ViaScan endures in its mission.

Comprehensive Scanning for Total Health

Comprehensive scan packages are accessible at ViaScan Mesquite to provide a complete picture of your health. Our advanced scanners employ sophisticated techniques to check your entire body thoroughly for possible complications.

Bone Scans Show Cancer

Services We Provide Near Mesquite, TX

Our Mesquite location has provided comprehensive medical imaging services, including:

Wellness Body Scans

Our wellness body scan examines your organs and tissues in great detail to detect abnormalities early. By employing cutting-edge software, it is possible to identify minute alterations that could signify inflammation, cyst formation, or malignancies. Early detection makes treatment more efficacious. Our body scan includes:

  • Heart scan
  • Lung scan
  • Liver scan
  • Kidney scan
  • Pancreas scan
  • Spleen scan

Our wellness scans are simple and relaxing, requiring minimal preparation and no radiation exposure. After receiving same-day results, a specialist will review your next steps. Invest in your health as a whole by performing a wellness scan.

Heart Scans

Cardiovascular disease ranks first among the most prevalent causes of mortality in the United States. You can reclaim authority over your heart health with a rapid, non-invasive scan from ViaScan Mesquite. Using a CT scanner to detect plaque accumulation, we will obtain photographs of your coronary arteries. Sometimes, heart disease is treatable with medication and lifestyle modifications if detected early. Our reasonably priced heart scans facilitate early intervention and critical avoidance.

Lung Scans

Lung cancer asserts more than 160,000 lives annually in the United States of America. A ViaScan lung scan can increase your likelihood of survival by detecting the disease early. Our experts employ low-dose CT scanning to detect any potential malignancies within your lungs. We will connect you to cancer care teams and facilitate follow-up testing if any concerns arise. Invest in lung cancer prevention with our thorough lung examinations.

Angiogram Scans

Examine your blood vessels for impediments or constriction using a non-invasive, risk-free angiography scan. The blood flow through the arteries that supply the heart, brain, kidneys, and extremities can be observed by this scan. The examination is rapidly conducted via contrast dye intravenous administration and CT scanning. The discoveries aid in evaluating aneurysm, embolism, and stroke risk. Early detection of circulatory disorders with a ViaScan angiogram.

Colonoscopy Scans

Annually, colon cancer bereaves more than 50,000 lives. It gradually transforms from precancerous lesions in the colon. Identifying them early, when these detrimental lesions are still amenable to treatment, can be performed with our virtual colonoscopy scan. It employs CT imaging of the colon after preparation, similar to a conventional optical colonoscopy. However, our scan is more straightforward and economical and does not require hospitalization or sedation. Instantly complete colon cancer screenings using our colon scan.

Bone Density Scans

Before a fracture occurs, conduct a routine checkup to assess your bone health. Presently, more than 53 million Americans suffer from sufficient bone density, which is responsible for more than 2 million fractures regularly. Our bone density examinations utilize computed tomography and specialized software to ascertain the mineral density of the bones throughout the body. Osteopenia and osteoporosis can be prevented with changes in nutrition, supplementation, and physical activity when detected early. Maintain your strength as you age by undergoing routine bone density tests at ViaScan.

Scanning Services at VIASCAN

wellness body

Wellness Body Scan

Discover any possible health problems before they become serious ones with a wellness body scan. From detecting the disease’s early symptoms by the body’s thorough examination to taking control of your health, this scan is a great investment.


heart scan

Heart Scan

Your cardiac health cannot be compromised. A painless, non-invasive treatment called a heart scan can give insight into your cardiac health. Instead of waiting for symptoms, go for a heart scan and embrace a future with a healthy heart.


Lung scan

Lung Scan

Discover any possible health problems before they become serious ones with a wellness body scan. From detecting the disease’s early symptoms by the body’s thorough examination to taking control of your health, this scan is a great investment.


angiogram scan

Angiogram Scan

Without the need for intrusive procedures, ViaScan offers scans that excel at the early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. For a healthy future, choose Virtual Angiogram scans, the road of accuracy and comfort.



Colonoscopy Scan

Take charge of your health and look into your health’s future with colonoscopy scans. It enables the detection of precancerous polyps before they turn malignant. Don’t wait for symptoms; choose a colonoscopy now and embrace a healthier future.


bone density

Bone Density Scan

Our remarkable bone density scan provides essential insights into bone strength, recognizing the potential dangers of fractures and osteoporosis. Throughout the procedure, we prioritize your comfort by providing a non-invasive and quick assessment.


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