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Plano, Texas, a thriving Dallas enclave, presents expanding potential for commercial enterprises and inhabitants. Plano, renowned for its business-friendly environment, varied population, and outstanding school districts, is an ideal location for ViaScan to extend our preventative scanning programs. By employing revolutionary medical imaging technology, we facilitate the inhabitants of Plano to assume authority over their wellbeing by enabling timely identification.

Comprehensive Scanning Packages

At ViaScan Plano, our comprehensive body scans analyze your health and surpass routine examinations. Our packages employ cutting-edge software and multi-slice CT scanners to examine your vital organs and tissues to detect latent problems before they progress to severe diseases.

Bone Scans Show Cancer

Services We Provide Near Plano, TX

Targeted Scans

We provide specialized scans for closely tracking specific organs and systems, including your heart, lungs, vasculature, and colon health, along with comprehensive wellness examinations. In addition to yearly wellness checks, these targeted examinations concentrate on the most critical organs.

Heart Scans

As the leading cause of death rates, cardiovascular health is vital. By capturing images of the myocardium and the supplying blood vessels, our heart scan can identify conditions such as atherosclerosis, a hazardous accumulation of plaque within the arteries. By integrating CT scanning, PET imaging, and SPECT nuclear imaging, it is conceivable to observe the formation of minuscule lesions, assess the efficacy of blood flow, and evaluate the functioning of the heart. Identifying early alterations enables treatment and behavior changes to be implemented before the onset of myocardial infarction or failure. Regular cardiac checks will help maintain a heart that is functioning correctly.

Lung Scans

Early detection of lung cancer is critical for ensuring survival. Our low-dose lung CT scans view the bronchial tree and lung tissue in intricate three dimensions. Small growths or lesions that could indicate malignancy will be examined. We will help you obtain follow-up biopsies and connect you with cancer care specialists if anything suspicious is discovered. Avoid playing with your pulmonary health; regular checkups will improve your chances.

Angiogram Scans

Changes in the blood vessels are often disregarded until a heart attack or stroke develops. Perform an early assessment of your arteries for treacherous constriction or occlusion employing our angiogram scan. Following a contrast dye injection, all blood vessels branching from the heart, neck, and abdomen will be imaged with a rapid CT scan. The results determine your risk for aneurysms, blood clotting, and poor circulation to vital organs. Avoid vascular deterioration by performing a straightforward angiogram scan.

Colonoscopy Scans

Annually, more than 50,000 lives are lost to colon cancer, which is remarkably possible via screening. Utilizing a CT scan, our virtual colonoscopy generates three-dimensional images of the complete colon and rectum to recognize precancerous lesions and aberrant tissue changes. No disagreeable scope insertion or preparation is necessary. Then, polyps may be extracted before their advancement to malignancy. We will examine adjacent organs, such as the appendix, ovaries, and prostate, besides the colon.

Bone Density Scans

Before a hazardous osteoporosis fracture occurs, you should immediately examine your bone health. Right now, bone density loss affects more than 53 million Americans, or more than 2 million individuals each year, resulting in fractures. Our bone mineral density scan detects mineral levels throughout your body with sophisticated software and CT imaging to measure bone strength precisely. Osteopenia and osteoporosis can be avoided from progressing to the point of disability through the use of medication, exercise, and dietary modifications when noticed early. Maintain mobility by undergoing routine bone investigations.

Scanning Services at VIASCAN

wellness body

Wellness Body Scan

Discover any possible health problems before they become serious ones with a wellness body scan. From detecting the disease’s early symptoms by the body’s thorough examination to taking control of your health, this scan is a great investment.


heart scan

Heart Scan

Your cardiac health cannot be compromised. A painless, non-invasive treatment called a heart scan can give insight into your cardiac health. Instead of waiting for symptoms, go for a heart scan and embrace a future with a healthy heart.


Lung scan

Lung Scan

Discover any possible health problems before they become serious ones with a wellness body scan. From detecting the disease’s early symptoms by the body’s thorough examination to taking control of your health, this scan is a great investment.


angiogram scan

Angiogram Scan

Without the need for intrusive procedures, ViaScan offers scans that excel at the early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. For a healthy future, choose Virtual Angiogram scans, the road of accuracy and comfort.



Colonoscopy Scan

Take charge of your health and look into your health’s future with colonoscopy scans. It enables the detection of precancerous polyps before they turn malignant. Don’t wait for symptoms; choose a colonoscopy now and embrace a healthier future.


bone density

Bone Density Scan

Our remarkable bone density scan provides essential insights into bone strength, recognizing the potential dangers of fractures and osteoporosis. Throughout the procedure, we prioritize your comfort by providing a non-invasive and quick assessment.


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