Flash Sale – TODAY Only

ViaScan New Healthy You Sale!!!

Today, Friday, January 4th Only

Call/schedule Virtual Colonoscopy scan for only $ 795 dollars – wow, normal cost for heart scan is $1,795 dollars. To make this a truly unbelievable offer – call ViaScan today at 972-739-2840 and add a heart & body scan at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE !!!

Colon Cancer is only preventable cancer detected BEFORE it becomes cancerous!!!

Wow, for $795 dollars you receive $ 2,790 dollars worth of most advanced wellness scans available today! Don’t miss out on this 1 day only ViaScan Heart-Healthy New Year special – call ViaScan at 972-739-2840, you will be glad you did!

• ViaScan Virtual Colonoscopy: recommended by professional medical

• ViaScan Virtual Colonoscopy utilizes a scan NOT a 6-foot invasive scope

• ViaScan Virtual Colonoscopy – No Anesthesia, no driver required,
return to normal activities immediately

Call ViaScan 972-739-2840 Today

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