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ViaScan Services for 3D Virtual Preventative Scanning
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ViaScan Scanning Services in Las Colinas

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Save Time On Office Visits at ViaScan
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ViaScan Scanning Services in Las Colinas
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Online Patient Registration
Patients can register online to send ViaScan their information which will be required in the consultation and scanning process. Click here.
About ViaScan Services
At ViaScan, our exams are designed to detect heart disease, lung cancer, colon cancer and other life threatening diseases at an earlier, more treatable stage. Our scan can see stages of heart disease and cancer in their infancy stages allowing you to get a head start and reverse the clock from a potential illness, not die from your disease. Our mission is to provide you with the most advanced technology, support and education to empower you to improve your health.  ViaScan is one of the first centers in the United States to offer preventive scanning and screening services and includes a comprehensive evaluation such as:

• Exam with Scanner
• Medical history
• Blood pressure
• Body weight
• Body composition
   (percent body fat / metabolism )
• Comprehensive weight plan and  
   wellness program
• Immediate consultation with review
   of your images
• Official report from board certified radiologist
• There are No Hidden Fees...

See the Future....
It's amazing how people can find all kinds of excuses to remain ignorant about perhaps one of the most important things in life....your life! Watch how!!!

ViaScan's Screening Tests

1) heart plaque score, 2) Lung Scan, 3) Virtual/CT Colonoscopy, 4) CT Angiogram. ViaScan's screening test look inside your body with greater precision and detail than ever before. 

90% Less Radiation Than CT Scans

ViaScan is the only scanner in North Texas with ultra low radiation. Comparable scanners, like the 64 slice or 128 slice CT scanners widely used by imaging facilities, subject you to 90% more radiation. Not so with the EBT which emits 90 percent less radiation then any other cat scan in America. If you think about it, is it really a preventative scan if you get 10 times the radiation?

An annual electron beam scan of the heart, lungs, abdominal organs, or colon is recommended for persons aged 40 or older as an integral component of an overall effective preventative medical strategy. ViaScan offers special comprehensive package plans as a well as corporate discount programs.

Get Discounts for Groups
Learn about Group Discounts from ViaScan that can mean big
savings for your group.
It's a Scan, Not a Scope!

ViaScan was one of the first centers in the United States to offer preventive scanning and screening services in Texas for the last 9 years. With state of the art Electron Beam Tomography (EBT), which is not a scope, you will receive a non-invasive scan to detect: Artery Plaque Buildup, Aneurysms, and Cancer. The EBT heart scan is one of the most significant medical breakthroughs of the past 25 years. See how it works!!!

Covered By Insurance - Less Hassle

Landmark Texas Insurance Coverage: Texas recently passed two state laws mandating coverage for 1) Heart scan and 2) Virtual Colonoscopy.

Myriads of Different Ways to Pay for Scans...
(A) Insurance coverage (B) Flexible spending account/ medical savings, account/ cafeteria plans cover heart and body scans, & virtual colonoscopy (C) Significant cash discounts for those with high deductible or "no" insurance. Cost of heart scan is equivalent to purchase of a Ipad. Cost of virtual colonoscopy is equivalent to the purchase of a 42 inch plasma TV. Give the gift to yourself that will save your life or someone else's. Watch how!!!

Mark Davis Loves ViaScan
Hear what the radio host has to say about ViaScan for your 2014. Click here to listen.

Testimonials in 2014...
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Listener Calls In…

A very grateful listener takes the time to call in to Mark’s show this morning…if you didn’t hear it…take a listen!  Wow…just one example of saving a life.

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