American Heart Month

October 3, 2023 by 123bodyscan0

February is American Heart Month, and we are happy to join the movement #MoveWithHeart which promotes improving heart health by making subtle changes to diet and exercise every day. If you haven’t done so yet, find an activity you enjoy to keep your heart healthy. Talk with your family and friends about joining your initiative by finding activities, and events you can do together.  Having others with you always makes physical activity seem less tedious and more fun. For example, take a walk with your peers at work during breaks or a quick informal meeting, join a local fitness group (running, walking, dance, or aerobics), or participate in a local event (health walk, 5K event).

Take the #MoveWithHeart pledge and check out the resources below to get you started


Take advantage of our current promotion and Know Your Score! For ONLY $995 ($497.50 each), you and a family member or friend can get a body and heart scan for the price of one. You both have to call this month and schedule an appointment in 2018. Make sure you tell them to mention your name and #ShareTheLove.

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