ViaScan No Tricks – Just Amazing October Wellness Scan Treats

September 20, 2023 by 123bodyscan0

reat #1: ViaScan October Cancer Prevention Promotion

Spectacular ViaScan Fall Cancer Prevention Promotion exclusively for ViaScan website customers. Call ViaScan today and schedule quick, simple, non-invasive Virtual Colonoscopy for an unheard of cost of $895!!

Wow, this is 50% lower than ViaScan standard charge. Almost 85% lower than an invasive colonoscopy that also requires sedation!!

But wait! As if this is not amazing enough, how about adding a heart scan and body scan. These scans generally cost an additional $995, but you’ll get them FREE of charge!!

You are reading correctly! Call ViaScan at (972) 739-2840 or use our online form today and say you want the October Fall Cancer Prevention special.

Spectacular savings that include all three scans for a never seen before price of $895:

  1. Virtual Colonoscopy
  2. Heart Scan
  3. Body Scan!

This offer is a fantastic opportunity! Minimize your cost while ensuring future health for those without insurance or with high deductible insurance!!

ViaScan Virtual Colonoscopy is covered by insurance for those age 50 and older. We provide you with a superbill to send to your insurance company with costs that could go toward deductible or get reimbursed for some portion of your out of pocket costs for those who’ve met your deductible. Our practice is an out of network insurance provider.

What are you waiting on? Pick up the phone and call ViaScan now at (972) 739-2840 to schedule your October Cancer Prevention Virtual Colonoscopy Special. Our procedure is a colonoscopy with a scan – not a 6 ft. Colonoscope for only $895 plus receive an added benefit of an additional heart and body scan FREE Of CHARGE!!

Just remember, it’s not Prevention if you wait till a non-cancerous colon polyp turns into colon cancer!! Call ViaScan at (972) 739-2840 now!

Treat #2:

Add a carotid artery neck scan for stroke prevention to your body scan for only $99 more (normal cost=$495)

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